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Programme Delivery

Personal & Family Development

Ling Fluent
Ling Fluent – iemācies pat astoņas svešvalodas!
Topics include personal development, the family, the community, culture, conflict resolution, gender, health issues, and making choices for responsible decision making.

Group Projects

We have continued with efforts to get the adolescents to take care of senior citizens in the communities of Pretoria Road, Carron Hall & Seafield, and Hannah Town. Food items accessed from other agencies are distributed and regular home visits are also made.

Parenting Programs


Recognizing that our interactions with parents are critical to the development of the adolescents, we have continued to deliver workshops and seminars to the parents. Areas covered included:

  • Food and Nutrition
  • Understanding Adolescents
  • Stress Management
  • Budgeting for the Low Income Family

Literacy & Remedial Education

Literacy and Remedial Education has been delivered at all locations. The homework program in the afternoon enhances regular school performance. There were a total of 878 adolescents who received these services. Parents and teachers have commented on the marked improvement in the quality of work students are producing.

Vocational & Educational Services

Early Childhood Development United St John's Basic School

Kankusta DuoThe St. John's Basic School provides a stimulating environment for the three to five age group and is a very positive agent of socialization at such an impressionable age.

Self-esteem Love Industry Community Excellence

The dream of the Mel Nathan Preparatory School became a reality in 1994 through the generosity of Mr. Reynold Scott and the Scott Foundation, a charitable trust.

The Mel Nathan Preparatory School

The school seeks to create a teaming environment that models wholesome living and enables its students to carry into the world beyond the school and their school years, the knowledge, skills disposition needed to live in the society and to contribute to its ongoing development.

Economic Enterprise Services

The Economic Enterprise services area coordinates the income generating projects of the Institute's operation.

Springburn Guest House

Nestled in a secluded corner of Meadowbrook, Springburn House provides accommodation, meals and conference facilities for both local and international visitors.

Aleina Fashions

A garment factory producing school & work uniforms, clergy wear and casual wear.

Edith Dalton James Community College

Offers a one year programme in vocational training. Students learn skills in catering, garment making, woodwork, welding, auto-mechanics and electrical installation. This programme is operated in collaboration with HEART/NTA.

Opportunity Shoppe

An outlet for goods produced by the Institute. Gifts, souvenirs, school uniforms and household items are all available.

Community Consulting Services

The Community Consulting Services (CCS) is the agent through which the Institute identifies and conducts research. This service is managed by a strong team of consultants with expertise in the various areas of research, proposal writing, project implementation and evaluation and community leadership training. CCS and MNI management in general work as a team in supporting all research work being carried out.

Mel Nathan Institute - Making a better place to live

General Information * General Information * Church and Community Programmes * Programme Performance * Programme Delivery

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