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Uplifting Adolescents Project Phase 2

Participating NGOs:

People's Action for Community Transformation (PACT)

Children First

Jamaica Association for the Deaf

Jamaica Red Cross

Mel Nathan Institute

Rural Family Support Organisation

Sam Sharpe Teacher's College

St. Patrick's Foundation

Women's Centre of Jamaica Foundation

Western Society for the Upliftment of Children

Kingston YMCA

Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU)

Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) National Council

Ways to Help

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Monetary Contributions


Sports programs keep youth connected to friends, builds character, and fosters positive socialization skills. A donation of $50 purchases supports supplies for these activities.

pot of gold

The UAP works to develop the physical, cultural, and social development of inner city youth. Help change risky & violent behavior among these children by supporting the Kidz Summer Camp. A donation of $100 will send four kids to camp this summer.


Playground toys and after school play activities that are so common in developed countries are in short supply to disadvantaged children in Jamaica. Won't you brighten a child's day by donating $50 for the purchase of after school materials?


Exposing our nation's youth to computer technology is an educational objective in dire need of support. Your donation of $100 goes towards the purchase of educational software and the development of computer laboratories.


A UAP Marching Band reaches isolated children through music. Your donation of $50 allows one more child to participate in a special program designed to promote the self esteem of a handicapped youth.


Some families are hard pressed to afford clothing for their children to wear to school. A donation of $50 will allow for the purchase of enough khaki fabric to make four school uniforms.

what's for lunch?

Many disadvantaged children have one chance for a balanced meal when able to afford a school lunch. A donation of $25 will provide lunch for one child for a month.


Decrease illiteracy among adolescents by helping to purchase interesting materials that are in short supply. $25 will purchase critical books to keep inner city youth returning to a reading program.


Unspecified donations. Make a selection for me. Please choose a needy child or program and make the enclosed donation in my name for that cause.

In-Kind Contributions of Commodities or Equipment

back to school

Khaki, navy blue and sky blue fabrics are needed for uniforms for needy students to attend school. Many students stay home from school and eventually become illiterate only because they cannot afford a uniform.


Simple items (taken for granted by rich kids) are scarce for many school children. Donations of school supplies like note books, pencils, pens, rulers, crayons, erasers, coloring books, etc. are always in high demand. Can you help with a donation?

foot ball

Out-of-school youth love to play soccer and other sports but cannot afford uniforms or equipment. Can you or your organization supply equipment for such sports as soccer, netball, basketball, cricket, or field hockey?


LOCAL REQUEST: Home Management programs are in need of appliances for training in the arts of cooking, dressmaking, baking, and hospitality services. Local contributions of stoves, blenders, mixers, refrigerators, sewing machines, and other utensils are most welcome.

food scale

LOCAL REQUEST: Breakfasts & snacks are incentives to attract hungry children to school. Food donations are always useful and appreciated by the children. A hungry, malnourished child will eventually become learning impaired.


You wish to make an in-kind donation but are not sure if Jamaican children can use it!! Send your inquiry and we shall reply promptly

We invite you to review the works of the NGOs in the Jamaica-Kidz Uplifting Adolescents Project and make a commitment to help less fortunate youngsters in Jamaica by giving them a well-deserved opportunity. Your help can and will make the difference. Your assistance makes a difference.

All matters dealing with donations and contributions made either in cash or kind must be managed directly between the non-profit organization (NGO) and the Donor.

Questions? Comments? Email us or post a message in our forum!

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Uplifting Adolescents Project Phase 2

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