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General Information

In January, 1998 several persons came together to discuss how to address problems identified in the adolescent Deaf community in Kingston, Jamaica. This mandate emerged from the recognition and concern for the:

  • Low level of educational achievement of the average graduate from schools for the Deaf
  • Apparent failure of students to maximize opportunities provided for academic and vocational education
  • Lack of visibility of the Deaf community in the wider society
  • Lack of assertiveness of the Deaf community in agitating for advancement.

As the issues were examined, there was the realization that a set of inter-related factors were resulting in the manifestations observed.


The Youth Theatre Workshop is premised on a philosophy of development which emphasizes empowerment for independence rather than dependency and the recognition of parents, the adult Deaf community, the general public, teachers of the Deaf, and others as equal partners in the mission of the project.

If we accept this philosophy, there are significant implications for change of attitudes, especially among members of the Deaf community.

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In the Caribbean, and in Jamaica particularly, persons who are Deaf are often shunned, ridiculed, and denied access to vocational and educational opportunities. Parental neglect, society's ignorance, and superstitions regarding deafness have not only isolated the Deaf community, but have inhibited its emotional, economic, educational progress.

Deaf persons are often considered as helpless and dependent, an enigma or a curiosity. Often, they are not considered as individuals who can achieve a much as hearing persons if given the necessary support system. This approach affect their self-concept and their integration into all segments of society.

Efforts Towards Change


Action is needed to disseminate and popularize the content of the project so as to create awareness and ownership of it among all persons and entities involved. It is a necessary foundation for achieving acceptance, team work, and participation. If the project succeeds, then the Deaf community will become a formidable and recognized body, equipped with the resources to achieve its highest potential.

It is against this background that the group proposed a comprehensive Youth Theatre Workshop

Key strategies underlying the project are:

Literacy and Remedial Education

Reproductive Health

Vocational and Technical Training

Personal and Family Development



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Contact Information

Jamaica Association for the Deaf
9 Marescaux Road, P.O. Box 178
Kingston 5, Jamaica, West Indies
Telephone: 876-968-6781 (Voice/TTY)
Fax: 876-926-6631
E-mail: jdeafswd@cwjamaica.com

Jamaica Association for the Deaf - Creating options and life choices

General Information * About Us * Youth Theatre Workshop * Structure

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