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Objectives of the Foundation

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  • To continue the academic education of young mothers, 16 years and under. To return them to the normal school system and to provide any necessary support services after their return to school.
  • To provide intensive counselling on an individual and group basis in Family Life Planning.
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  • To educate the young mother, her baby father and parents of their responsibilities as parents ensuring that correct child care standards are maintained.
  • To provide support, referral services and/or training to young men and women who have already dropped out of the formal school system.
  • To provide skill training for young mothers who cannot return to school
  • To provide Outreach services to adolescent mothers who are not able to reach a main Centre
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  • To intervene so as to delay early unwanted pregnancies amongst young women in Jamaica
  • To provide a sanctuary where teenagers can air their problems in a non-judgemental, confidential environment
  • Many Centre graduates are now attending Tertiary Institutions or are working (over 98% still with only 1 child)
  • The continuing school pregnancy rate of 1.4% is a world record among similar programmes
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  • A decrease in the percentage of birth to teenage mothers due to in-depth counselling at first pregnancy and to the 'ripple effect' created by positive peer counselling by the young mothers in their communities
  • International recognition of the Foundations's programmes both by awards and publication of papers in leading international print media and by the adoption of our model by Caribbean territories and states in Africa.
Educating Women

Over 26,000 young women have been assisted

Women's Centre: Knowledge and Education for Youth

General Information * Objectives of the Foundation * Staff Organisation

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