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New Building

The Kingston Y.M.C.A. suffered a fire in 1995. Out of the ashes arose opportunity. The "Y" is now housed in a 150 x 100 feet Multi-purpose

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Auditorium with offices and changing rooms. It houses all our indoor programs such as basketball, badminton, netball, taekwondo etc. In addition to this we will be constructing outdoor courts for basketball and netball. Construction of four classrooms from converted containers all under a common roof is completed.

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YMCA / Amy Bailey Training Centre

This Center, located at Rosedale Avenue in the inner-city of Kingston, continues to concentrate on Vocational Training in food and nutrition and garment construction. Students are tutored in English, mathematics, basic accounting, current affairs and family life education. Most of the registered students are from low income homes and most are categorized as youth heading for a life on the streets or a life of crime. The Center seeks funding from the collection of fees to help with the expenses of running the school. These fees are not always collectable and at NO time are students turned away because of the non-payment.

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How Can You Help?

You can support the "Y" with your kind contributions:

  • Cash
  • Voluntary service
  • Fund raising
  • Providing building materials
  • Providing program equipment

Help the "Y" continue helping Jamaica

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Programmes * Organisation

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