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Our Programme

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  • Heightening interpersonal understanding and group awareness to develop self-esteem, decision making and leadership.
  • Seminars and workshops in resolving conflicts and developing strategies for problem solving and voicing opinions.
  • Encouraging commitment to personal and family development.
  • Guidance and counseling programs utilizing peer group counseling at the centers.
  • Workshops for teenage mothers and fathers to develop proper parenting.
  • Mentoring programs held monthly to provide guidance using high achievers from the communities, institutions and businesses.
  • Cultural programs harness the creativity of the youth and lead to career paths.

baby Reproductive Health Counselling

fatherThis program involves interfacing with other agencies to assist in providing therapy, (intervention, referral,) materials and expertise; time and programs for the youth and their families; family planning services and counseling, especially on gender issues, nutrition, child growth and development, drug abuse prevention, STD's and peer pressures.

Kankusta Duo

A multi-media program to sensitize all levels and groups in communities to the problems and concerns of young persons, recognizing causes and identifying solutions.

Strategies include newsletters, poster, video programs, stories and plays produced with the input and help of the youth, guided by specialist.

books Literacy & Remedial Education

On site testing to participants to assess literacy and numeracy skills, thereby identifying possible learning disabilities and other physical problems that may hamper learning.


Indepth needs assessment and service plan for each client based on test results.

Designing of instructional materials relevant to the students' needs interests and career goals and concerns.

Creating curricula sensitive to the students' abilities, attention span and social/economic situations.

hammer Vocational & Technical Training Elements

Following on the Literacy/Remedial Education component, the program identifies courses through other agencies and institutions that clients can access such as the Vocational Training Center at Granville.

The program designs a course in theatre arts, to develop the skills and attitudes necessary to enter the entertainment field, these include: the Cultural Arts Studio, Kingston; the Cultural Arts Center, Montego Bay, and the Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts.

Structured homework programs that not only focuses students on their learning responsibilities but provides on-site tutoring in subject areas.

Working with the Jamaica Council for Adult Education, and with HEART/NTA, we provide programs that allows clients to re-enter the formal education/technical system, or to access training courses in technical and vocational education, and entrepreneurial skills.

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The Problem * Our Target Population * Our Programme

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