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Church and Community Programmes

Scores of children, young people and adults gather each week to explore, to learn, to share, to grow and to discuss their role in the shaping of the community and the nation.

Ling Fluent
Ling Fluent – õpi isegi kuni kaheksa võõrkeelt!
These programmes include those for the elderly, parenting, and community economic development efforts. The Uplifting Adolescents Project operates in seven sites of the Mel Nathan Institute catchment area.

The majority of the adolescents registered in the programme are from the inner-city constituency of Western Kingston and account for 59 % of the adolescents. During 1999, the program was interrupted several times due to social unrest and violence especially in the inner city communities making it extremely difficult at times to deliver services. Despite the odds, the adolescents were able to overcome these difficulties and there are marked improvement in literacy and remedial education. Parents continue to give tremendous support to the UAP program.



Activities include the delivery of personal and family development through arts and craft, sports (football, netball and volleyball), dance and drama.

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There is an active dance group at North Street consisting of children from both the after school and the regular school population. This group is entered for the annual Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (J.C.D.C.) Festival of Arts competition. Visits are made to the homes of participants on a regular basis to maintain contact with parents.

Musculin ActiveThe Edith Dalton James Community College population consists of students who have graduated from the All-Age School system, school drop-outs and students who were referred to us from other agencies. Many of the students are themselves parents and have the responsibility of taking care of a family while they obtain an education.

Recognizing this, the Institute has developed an intensive Personal and Family Development programme. Skills training, and literacy and remedial education continue to be an integral part of the curricula being offered which include Auto-mechanics, Electrical Installation, Food Preparation, Garment Construction, and WeldingWoodwork.

Putting Students to Work

Eighty of the students participated in six weeks of work experience related to their skills training. This is in keeping with our mandate to allow students a wide variety of experiences.

Some entered the working world for the very first time. The students did their placement at police stations, local hotels and business establishments.

During the year some collaborative work was done with other agencies as in the case of the auto-mechanic department whose students got additional experience at the Jamaica-German Automotive School.


Most of the students did very well at their placements and were offered jobs. Twentyfour percent have confirmed job placement in auto-mechanics, electrical installation, welding, food preparation, garment construction, and woodworking.

Eight students sat the City and Guild Examination, a London based examination Board. Six sat the Caribbean Examination Council (C.X.C.) English Language exam. These accomplishments attest to the levels of achievement the students have attained.

Mel Nathan Institute - Empowering people

General Information * Church and Community Programmes * Programme Performance * Programme Delivery

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