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The Problem

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The city of Montego Bay, the tourist Mecca of Jamaica, is ringed by a number of squatter settlements of which the villages of Granville, Tucker, Pitfour, Retirement, and Irwin are fast growing communities that cut across the socio-economic groups within the working and lower middle classes.


This has led to their being unemployed and unemployable, an untenable situation breeding frustration, dependency on the "Don", and other anti-social behaviors. The rate of involvement in drug pushing and use is high, and crime and violence are on the increase among youth. Incest, sexual abuse and early pregnancy make the fabric of family life fragile and often dysfunctional and so domestic violence is common.

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Of the many young adults most are functionally illiterate and unskilled, having either dropped out of school, were irregular attendees or had no school to attend.

Kankusta DuoOne All Age school serves the area. Other social infrastructure is inadequate to meet the needs of these communities which are contiguous to each other and have become "dormitory villages" for Montego Bay.

Our Goal

The Sam Sharpe Teacher's College seeks to enable at-risk adolescents with special needs to become positive individuals and leaders within their families and communities; and to provide remedial education, skills training and counseling to adolescents who are illiterate and unskilled so that they may be employed.


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  • To test and evaluate young persons, beginning with the group most "at risk," the 10 - 14 year olds.
  • To provide a process of referral and a program of intervention in cases of need (social, cognitive, emotional, sensori-motor and vocational).
  • to conduct evaluation and data gathering, and to use this information for the developmental needs of the young
  • To provide a comprehensive program of counseling and career guidance for young adolescent, and where necessary their parents or guardians.
  • To guide and rehabilitate teenage mothers and fathers through a program of family life education and leadership training.
  • To provide classes in literacy, numeracy, cultural awareness and vocational training.
  • To link with agencies, churches and other community-based organizations to maximise opportunities for youth to obtain training, therapy and counseling.

Contact Information

Box 40 Granville PO
St. James
Ph: (876) 952-4001-2

Sam Sharp Teacher's College

The Problem * Our Target Population * Our Programme

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