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As of May, 1999, the Youth Theatre Workshop has an enrollment of 194 youth between the ages of 10-21. The majority of these youth are from the Kingston metropolitan area, and about 10% are from Clarendon Parish (May Pen Unit Class for the Deaf).

Ling Fluent
Ling Fluent – lär dig till och med upp till åtta språk!

Actual attendance figures range from approximately 75-100 youth; and class registers have been revised to reflect such. Most of the attendees are high-functioning students, despite the heavy programme emphasis on low-functioning/low-achieving youth.

Current students in the project come from the following locations:

  • dancerCaribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf - Kingston
  • Danny Williams School for the Deaf - Kingston
  • Ex-Ed Unit Class for the Deaf - Kingston
  • JAD Continuing Education Unit Class for the Deaf (JAMAL) - Kingston
  • Lister Mair/Gilby Comprehensive High School (Special) - Kingston
  • May Pen Unit Class for the Deaf - Clarendon Parish
  • Miscellaneous (youth not currently in school, siblings, etc.)

Who is Involved


104 (54%) are female; 90 (46%) are male

60 (31%) are ages 10-14; 134 (69%) are ages 15-21

Kankusta Duo 72 (37%) live in the poorer, or poorest, and more violent parts of Kingston - Seaview Gardens, Olympic Way, Maxfield Avenue, Rema, Jones Town, and other parts of western and central Kingston/St. Andrew. A significant number, 41 (21%) live in boarding facilities - C.B. Facey Hostel and CCCD-Kingston


Students who elect to participate in the programme are required to complete a battery of tests. The four tests are: Receptive Written English Language, Expressive Written English Language, Mathematics, and the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale. The academic tests are at the Grade Two Level, while the Rosenberg is offered in an unmodified version.

Rough analysis of test results (as of November, 1998):


178 youth did the reading (receptive English language) test

63 (35%) resulted at lower than Grade 2 and 16 (9%) resulted higher than Grade 2 183 persons did the mathematics test

28 (15%) were below Grade 2 and 17 (9%) were above Grade 2

Jamaica Association for the Deaf - Youth Theatre Workshop

General Information * About Us * Youth Theatre Workshop * Structure

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