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Target Population

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The program's main emphases are on providing individuals and groups with remediation, family life education, and skills training, targeting groups in Granville and its environs. These are the Sam Sharpe Marching Band; the Melody House for Girls; the "Footballers" who daily play scrimmage on the games field of the College, and the youth groups of the Churches in Granville, Pitfour and Tucker.

The program currently reaches more than 500 adolescents from these groups. All adolescents served fall into one or more of the following special population:

  • Teenage Parents
  • Juvenile Delinquents
  • Slow Learners
  • Street Children
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The Sam Sharpe Marching Band, began in 1976 by the College, had an average attendance each evening of 30. The membership at present stands at 60, mainly males. It is significant that as the females grow older, they drop-out of the band, very often because of pregnancy and the fear of sexual harassment by the males, both in the band and on the way to and from meetings.

The lack of instruments has hampered "full participation" by the members who range in age from 8 to 25 year-old, and from students to casual workers. While the interest of students in school has been heightened, achievement levels are low and so promotion to secondary education still eludes the majority.


The Melody Home for Girls is a haven for young women who have been abused, caught up in family entanglements and have become pregnant too early. These young girls need more than just a place to stay; they need counseling, parenting skills and in many instances remedial education to enable them to re-enter the mainstream of the community.

girlDiscussions with community leaders and social workers reveal that many young girls are uninformed or misinformed about their reproductive system; few have realistic plans for themselves, and a vast majority see motherhood as a way of being cared for by the male. The program targets young females in the area, including those who are already pregnant, and those sexually active, to provide counseling, remedial education and vocational training.

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Among the "Evening Sportsmen" are those who daily play scrimmage, basketball, cricket on the College driveway, ride bicycles on the Games Field of the College, youth who are unemployable because of their level of academic abilities and lack of skills, repeated offenders of the law, and those being charged with assault or simple larceny. Their lack of respect for other people's property and their individualism are evident in the way they have vandalized the field, cutting holes in the fences to gain immediate access rather than walking through the gates that are left open.

The rivalry within communities is often carried on to the sports field and their Corner Leagues in football are hampered with disciplinary problems. Where consistent leadership is given, there have been instances of positive growth.

The males have been so intent on playing games of football that they take over the areas reserved for netball, a female dominated game, leaving the young women as spectators each evening.

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The Problem * Our Target Population * Our Programme

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