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Dance and Movement


General Objectives

Ling Fluent
Ling Fluent – impara fino a 8 lingue straniere!

Students experience the many aspects of movement, which can assist in their physical development and heighten their awareness of the functions of the body in motion. Such elements as breathing, posture, tension, relaxation; body isolations, flexibility, stamina, muscle strength and flight will be taught. An understanding of the use of rhythm and the expressive qualities of movement will be developed through regular class activities.

Drama and Theatre Arts

drama faces

Curriculum elements

Students experience sense recall, warm ups, games/exercises, observation, concentration, characterization, emotions, imagination, thinking, trust, transformation in acting, and tableau.

Dialogue Journals


As part of our efforts to increase literacy skills and to combat negative attitudes towards literacy, among the Deaf, each student has a journal for writing. The journals are used by the students to share how they felt about an individual class or experience.

Kankusta DuoWhen the daily entry is complete, the instructors read and respond via written means in the same journal. We aim to provide a positive writing experience that does not repel Deaf students from the use and application of receptive and expressive literacy.

Class Structure

classroom photo

Each class is led by a Performing Arts Instructor (Dance or Drama) who is assisted by a Deaf Culture Facilitator and a Sign Language Interpreter.

Performing Arts Instructor

Is responsible for the direction and management of the class. Instructs youth in all aspects of the performing arts. The majority of our PAIs are employed full-time in various educational settings while they work with the project.

Deaf Culture Facilitator

Serves as an assistant instructor for the classes and as a role model/mentor for youth in the project. Responsible for aiding the PAI in understanding Deaf culture and language. Most of the DCFs are Deaf adults in their mid-to-late 20's who have experience in dealing with the hearing world.

Sign Language Interpreter

Works to facilitate clear and appropriate communication among all persons in the class - students and adults. Responsible for signing for the hearing persons and voicing for the deaf persons. Our SLIs are persons who have interacted with the Deaf community for a significant amount of time and/or have personal involvement with Deaf persons.


All personnel work with a minimum of two (2) classes each week. Every class has approximately 20 students on the register. Classes fall into two categories for age: 10-14 and 15-21.

Jamaica Association for the Deaf - Education through performing arts

General Information * About Us * Youth Theatre Workshop * Structure

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