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… also known as "Trafficking in Children" or "Trafficking in Persons"

What is Trafficking?

Ling Fluent
Ling Fluent – leer maar liefst acht vreemde talen!
Trafficking is when persons, especially women and children, are fooled up or forced into being taken from one part of Jamaica to another, or from Jamaica to another country, where they are forced to work, usually in prostitution. In some cases children's body organs (such as heart, liver, kidneys) are cut out in an operation, and sold.

PACT's Pilot Project on Trafficking Focuses on Prevention
With funding from USAID, PACT (People's Action for Community Transformation) operates an Educational and Skills Training Project which targets young people who may be at risk from, or already victims of sex trafficking. The Project offers youth, especially young women aged 14 - 24 years, the opportunity to re-order their lives through educational improvement, upgrading of literacy skills and an introduction to marketable skills training. It is based on the principles of dignity, self-esteem, respect, acceptance without judgement or prejudice, and a belief that people who listen to each other learn from each other.

PACT is an innovative and successful coalition of 24 community-based organisations and non-governmental organisations which work mainly in the inner-city areas of eastern Jamaica. However the Educational and Skills Training Project is an islandwide one, with outreaches in Negril, Montego Bay, Spanish Town and Kingston.

Beware of the Lies and Traps

Is somebody offering you any of these things?

  • Lots of money and great things
  • A fabulous new life
  • An easy way to go abroad
  • A job that will make you rich soon
  • Love and care if you go away with them.

These are some of the LIES a Trafficker uses to trap children and young people.

They will trick you by going on 'nice' - but they really want to SELL you into slavery!

If somebody tries to persuade you to do something suspicious or out of the ordinary:

  • Say NO and keep far
  • Do NOT get into a car with them
  • Do NOT let them persuade you to get into go-go dancing or prostitution.

Trafficking is ILLEGAL in Jamaica and most other countries


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