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Activities Offered Through UAP2


Literacy and Remedial Education

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  • An entry test is done to decide the functional level of each participant, and learning and other disabilities are identified.
  • Remedial and literacy lessons are structured around thematic teaching, which the participants can relate to as a basis for designing lesson plans.
  • After each youngster has attained a certain level of proficiency he or she is re-integrated into the formal educational system, pre-vocational or vocational training.


Vocational/Technical Training Elements

Children First provides pre-vocational training in dressmaking and art & craft. The lessons are structured with clearly identified goals and defined activities age appropriate for the participants.

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Courses are delivered in formats appropriate to each youngster's level of literacy and reading comprehension. On successfully completing these courses the youngsters are placed in approved vocational training institutions.


Personal and Family Development

Participants design a basic success behaviour plan which includes involvement in group activities, cooperation, and working with others. Personal and Family Development includes:

Character Building: A co-ordindated program of activities to develop self-esteem, responsible decision making and leadership is ongoing. Participants assume leadership roles for specific daily activities. Participants receive conflict resolution training using the model designed by Peace and Love in Schools (PALS).

Community Support: Community persons give career talks,and arrangements are made to visit workplaces. Programmes include grooming for the workplace with self presentation and hygiene. Students also study goal setting and time management.

Peer-Counseling: Participants are involved in a comprehensive peer-counseling programme. Group counseling happens on a weekly basis where the participants decide issues to be discussed. Individual counseling is also available.

Community Activities: Participants decide on a listing of social agencies and community activities, such as working with Golden Age Homes, 3D's project for disabled children, Children Homes, and community environmental education.

Children First - Supporting children's rights

General Information * Beneficiaries * Activities offered through UAP2 * Implementation

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