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Male Adolescents

The general aim of the UAP program is to promote the rights of children to develop to their fullest potential by empowering schools and parents, and assisting them to facilitate the development of their children's potential.

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The Rural Family Support Organization expanded rapidly in response to clients and community demands. Counseling is the undergirding of the program and this extends from the Center outwards to the homes of the teenage mothers, to the schools of the community, as it embraces the mothers and their babies, as well as their families and wider community.

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We intervene in the lives of teenage mothers by giving them the opportunity to complete their schooling, develop practical marketable skills and learn to be better mothers.

We integrate the guidance and counseling services of the program with that of the schools, and we sensitize the teachers to the emotional problems of their adolescents. This program works with boys and girls together abolishing distinctions of treatment between the sexes.

The age group participating is 10 - 14, a critical age in adolescence. It could be argued that, that age group ought to be in the school system, but the reality is that many of them are drop-outs for one reason or another. This is not surprising as provisions for counseling in the school system are grossly inadequate. In some instances the ratio is as high as 1 Counselor to 1,000 students.

In and in an attempt to reach the root cause of the problem, RFSO moved from a position of mere remediation to one of prevention.

Day Care Unit


A Day Care Unit has been established at the Center to provide nurturing for the children of teenage mothers and to reverse the pattern that led to the continuation of the problem of teen pregnancy by having the children reared in a climate which is designed to give them a feeling of security and self worth.

The quality care which the Center's day nursery provides for the children caught the attention of UNICEF, and today in collaboration with UNICEF we are providing training and supervision for all Home-based Nurseries in Clarendon, Manchester and sections of St. Catherine. In order to reach the very rural children, we are currently implementing a Roving Care-givers Program which is reaching the homes of the very poor who cannot afford to pay for the facilities which are provided by day care units.


  • Assist adolescents to develop their self-esteem by helping them to see themselves as worthwhile individuals, capable of setting goals and working towards reaching such goals.
  • Assist adolescents to achieve economic independence through vocational and technical training, literacy and remedial work and counseling.


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  • Assist adolescents to cope with their sexuality through Family Life Education and counseling, so that a minimum of seventy percent (70%) will be proficient in one skill and demonstrate the right attitude to work, life and one another.
  • Assist adolescents to achieve economic independence and a sense of well being through technical and vocational training in entrepreneurial skills. This aims at obtaining at least fifty percent (50%) of the participants achieving functional literacy and sixty percent (60%) ready for entry into a structured vocational training program or limited entrepreneurial endeavors.

Based on our track record of success the Rural Family Support Organization continues its work through:

  • reintroducing vibrant counseling programs which extend from the May Pen centers to the schools and ultimately into homes.
  • providing literacy and remedial programs for youngsters who are not functionally literate.
  • offering a parenting program to three groups of parents - teenage parents, parents of teen mothers and parents of students in the target schools for Family Life Education.

Rural Family Support Organisation - To foster and protect children

General Information * Male Adolescents * The UAP2 Programme

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