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The Women's Centre Programme for Adolescent Mothers was established in 1978 with one Centre at 42 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 10, in response to the high level of teenage pregnancy experienced by the country. In 1991, the programme gained Foundation status, thus being named the Women's Centre of Jamaica Foundation (WCJF) and operates as a limited liability company under the auspices of a government ministry. Presently, the WCJF operates seven (7) main centres and six (6) outreach stations under the Ministry of Local Government, Community Development and Sport. To date, the total number of participants assisted through this programme is 32,032.

mother with babyThe mandate of the Programme is to assist girls 17 years and under, who have dropped out of school due to pregnancy. This intervention allows the pregnant teenagers to continue their education at the Women's Centre nearest to them for at least one term. They are then returned to the formal school system after the birth of their babies.

Mission Statement of the Women's Centre of Jamaica Foundation

The Women's Centre of Jamaica Foundation, an agent for innovative change, has particular responsibility for promoting a new approach to the problems associated with teenage pregnancy, especially in the area of interrupted education. The Women's Centre of Jamaica Foundation focuses on education, training and developmental counseling, by this means improving levels of employment and productivity among our young and delaying unwanted pregnancies.

Vision Statement

The Women's Centre of Jamaica Foundation, through its commitment to the improvement of educational attainment and Adolescent Reproductive Health, strive to promote a holistic approach to services and information for the youth of our nation.

The Foundation offers the following services through its main Centres and Outreach Stations:

  • Continuing education for teen mothers 17 years and under
  • Counseling for "baby fathers," their parents and parents of teen mothers
  • Skills training for males and females in the 17-25 age group
  • Confidential counseling services for children, adolescent, and young adults; and Group Peer Counselling sessions at the Kingston Centre Counselling Clinic.
  • Day Care facilities for (i) babies of teen mothers and (ii) babies of working mothers
  • Youth Activity Programme under the USAID/ Uplifting Adolescents Programme
  • Continuing Education and Counselling Programme for "Young Men at-risk"
  • "Walk-in" Counselling services for women and men of all ages.

The Programme for Adolescent Mothers provides academic classes for pregnant school-age girls, in the core subject areas of Mathematics, English Language, Integrated Science, and Social Studies. These classes are augmented by group and individual counselling with emphasis on self-development and a practical skill area. The young women are encouraged to delay subsequent pregnancies until they have achieved their professional or vocational goals.

Other Services Offered by the Foundation

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  • A 'walk-in' counselling service for women;
  • Counselling for baby-fathers and parents of teen mothers;
  • Skill training for both males and females in the age group 17 to 25 years in the Kingston 11 area and rural parishes;
  • A homework project for youngsters 9-12 years old which includes academic instruction, Family Life Education and Counselling;
  • Confidential Counselling service for children of any age and group counselling sessions through the KEY Knowledge and Education for Youth program.
  • Day Care facilities for babies of working mothers.
  • An Activity Programme at 3 rural Centers for children 10-18 years old who have either dropped out of school or are at risk of dropping out.
  • Academic and Counselling programme for "Young Men at Risk"
  • Pre-release Counselling programme at the Fort Augusta Correctional Centre for Women

Contact Information

42 Trafalgar Road
Kingston 10, Jamaica
Ph: (876) 929-7608, 929-0977
Fax: (876) 960-7551
Email: womenscentre@cwjamaica.com

Women's Centre Offers Teen Mothers Counselling

General Information * Objectives of the Foundation * Staff Organisation

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