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The Kingston YMCA

The Kingston YMCA is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that was founded in June 1920. It is a family oriented organisation which seeks to promote the welfare of young people through spiritual, social, intellectual, and physical activities, geared to the development of spirit, mind and body.
Its years of involvement in community service to the youth in the urban & sub-urban part of the country saw the establishment of :-
  • Boys Town in 1940,
  • The Youth Development Programme (formerly 'Street corner Boys Programme) in 1974;
  • The YMCA/Amy Bailey training centre being re-established in 1990, and the implementation of other wide range programmes designed to attract and benefit all age groups of our society .

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The objective of these programmes is to develop the urban and sub-urban community through a process of empowerment with the provision of Skills Training, Academic, Personal and Family Development, Reproductive Health, Instilling Christian Principles and Social Development Activities.
These programmes are offered to the need of inner city youth obtaining a holistic education due to violence, poverty and behavioral problems exhibited; Overcrowding in some of the existing schools which have led to an alarming number of adolescents dropping out of the formal schools, as they are not able to read at their Grade levels and/or their attitude which has caused them to be expelled. In addition, there are those who have never been registered in a formal school (including street children) or those who have been diagnosed with a learning disability.
The project caters to adolescents male and female in education, prevocational skills with the aim of re-integration in the formal school system/pre-vocational/vocational training/employment.



Large-scale Community-Outreach Programs offered by the Kingston Y.M.C.A. have included the establishment of Boys Town for the vocational training and spiritual upliftment of depressed youths in the inner city of Western Kingston. The "Y" has a wide range of programs designed to attract and benefit Jamaica's youth. These include:

Youth Development Program (YDP)

Formerly named the 'Street Corner Boys' Program in 1974, which assisted young boys who wiped windscreens of passing motorists for a fee, and spent their day and nights on the streets has now evolved into the Uplifting Adolescents Program. For over twenty years, this program annually helps more than 180 boys. The project offers remedial education (English, Reading and Math), classes in Social Science, Family Life Education, and skills covering Welding, Horticulture, Basic Building Construction and Pool Maintenance. Achievementsunder the UAP include:

  • 644 at-risk children reached with UAP services.
  • Staff trained to providing the necessary tools to service at-risk youth.
  • Additional staff capable of coping with high demand.
  • Continued upgrading of staff through the UAP workshops.
  • Progress in recruitment and retention of street children.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp is the 'Hub of the 'Y". It encompasses aspects of the 'Y's activities including its day programs for children and adults. It now caters for over 20,000 children annually, between the ages of 3-15 years of age.

Leadership Development Training

The YMCA offers an intensive leadership training program for youth of 14-25 years, embracing students of both secondary and tertiary institutions. Currently, 250 persons benefit from the 'Y's Program each year. Participants are prepared to become leaders and peer counselors and some graduates of the program often become advisors at the Y's Summer Camp.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

błonnik witalnyThis is another of the Y's Leadership programs. Aspects of the program include: recreation, service and skills training. Some 40-50 persons who participate each period must work towards a Gold, Silver or Bronze Award, as part of an international program. In 1994, YMCA Kingston, participants of the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, received 27 gold awards!

adopt a home

The 'HI-Y' Club

Another of the YMCA's leadership programs attracts high school students who are happy for the opportunity not only to interact with each other but also to be involved in community outreach projects.

Participants plan excursions, attend seminars and elect to adopt a 'Home' to which they give their time and special attention.

Children Workshops

This program caters to children from 3-14 years old on weekdays from 12 noon to 5:30 p.m. there is a supervisor who monitors homework, educational games and rest periods.



The Y is perhaps most well known because of its swimming programs. The 'Y's "Learn to Swim" programs is thought to be responsible for teaching 75% of those Jamaicans who can now swim.


The 'Y' offers personal assistance to able and disabled persons on a needs basis.


This program has been received very well by the students and showing progress with the help of HEART / National Training Agency (NTA), UAP, and Mr. Michael Brown. The boys have been working on coffee tables, goal posts and basket rims as their project. There is great interest in the area, so much so that boys are able to work on projects,with little or no assistance from the instructor.


Physical Education

Physical education done by students, games such as football, cricket, track and they still enjoy the facilities of the pool. Once per week the boys are instructed in swimming. The students were involved in competitive sports. They play friendly football matches with students of the HEART / NTA's Learning for Earning Activity Program (L.E.A.P.) Centre.

Contact Information

The Kingston Y.M.C.A.
21 Hope Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica, W.I.
Telephone: Gen. Secretary: (876) 926-0801
Office: (876) 926-8081 Fax: (876) 929-9387
Email: kymca@cwjamaica.com

The Y.M.C.A. / Amy Bailey Training Centre
4 Rosedale Avenue, Kingston
Tel: (876) 967-3345, Fax: (876) 967-3345

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Programmes * Organisation

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